With its GT / T 60 drill steel the HD 1450 bridges the application of the traditional top hammer hole diameters towards the down the hole machine diameter sizes. Being capable of drilling up to 140mm hole sizes it offers a significant advantage over the DTH machines in terms of fuel efficiency.

A 30 kW single strike body MONTABERT drifter with reverse percussion is the backbone of its high productivity even in fractured and difficult rock formation. Oversized radiators enable the HD 1450 to work in hot ambient conditions where other drills prefer not to put their tracks on ground.

The transverse mounted drive train concept acts like a counterweight leading to a perfectly balanced machine. In combination with the BBURG – unique “walk in service bay” it allows to access to all service relevant points of the engine, the hydraulics and the compressor.

The sturdy steel feed beam with exchangeable triangular high precision guide rails, the low mounted guide clamp and the stiff arm design produce an excellent hole straightness in combination with the rigidity of the GT 60 drill steel.

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