Top hammer drill rig for quarries, surface mining and construction


Construction sites
Hole diameter76- 115 mm
3" - 4,5"
Drill rod typeT45/T51
Drifter performance24 kW
Drill rod length4265 mm
Drill depth28 m
Engine power215 kW
Flushing air11 m³
Weight18.000 kg

The HD 910 is a "workhorse" for the middle sized quarry.

With an oversized cooling package the machine is designed to operate in hot ambient conditions.

The BBURG unique “walk in service bay” allows a quick access to all relevant components and service spots.

With the Montabert 24 and 30 kW drifter, variable hydraulic pumps and a latest stage of the art air end both models feature a high penetration speed, superior fuel efficiency and a low maintenance cost per drill meter.

A triangular shaped feed guide guarantees straight holes and thereby low drill steel cost.

The HD910 model is available with an automated drill rod changing option which simplifies the driller’s daily life.

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