Container compressor

Semi-mobile compressor container BBURG DK 3525


Maximum pressure 25 bar
Air delivery 35m³ / min
Engine type Volvo/MTU/Deutz
Engine power 405 kW
Engine rpm 1300 - 1850 rpm
Diesel reservoir 1000 l
Approximate weight 9000kg
Length in mm 6000
Width in mm 2450
Height in mm 2800

The compressor DK 3525 is a robust, diesel driven compressor, which can be easily mounted on a trailer or vehicle. The 20-feet ISO container is fast to transfer thanks to its standard fixations.

The delivery volume of the DK 3525 is 35m³/min with a maximum pressure of 25bar. This makes him suitable for large hole boring as well as able to provide enough high pression for several consumers.

Thanks to the excellent noise dampening, the container can also be used near residential areas.

The center piece of the container: the compressor stage Ingersoll Rand HR2.5 – robust and durable.


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