BBURG HD1210/HD1460

Top hammer surface drill rigs for quarries, surface mining and construction


Construction sites


Hole diameter89- 115 mm
3,5" - 4,5"
Drill rod typeT51
Drifter performance30 kW
Drill rod length4265 mm
Drill depth33 m
Engine power235 kW
Flushing air14,5 m³
Weight20.500 kg


Hole diameter89- 140 mm
3,5" - 5,5"
Drill rod typeT51/GT60
Drifter performance26 kW
Drill rod length4265 mm
Drill depth33 m
Engine power265 kW
Flushing air14,5 m³
Weight22.800 kg

With the HD 1210 and HD 1460 line BBURG steps ahead with new technologies integrated into a well proven machine concept.

The new drive train concept is based on the low engine speed approach which leads to less than 1500 engine rpm while drilling. The transverse installed power pack is driven by the latest generation Volvo engine. With 11 liter displacement it has sufficient power to easily run the machine with a maximum flushing capacity of 14,5m³/minute. This gives both models the ability to drill in loose and fractured ground while cleaning the hole properly with surplus air.

The low rpm concept as well as the option to adapt the engine load through continuously governing the flushing air according to the drill situation, make the HD 1210 and HD 1460 equally fuel efficient and powerful in operation. The BBURG drill logics control system and the powerful 30 kW Montabert drifter guarantee high penetration rates and low drill meter cost.

A user friendly touch screen concept and a single lever drill operation create an operator friendly environment with is stress relieving. As on other models BBURG has created a unique service friendly maintenance concept which is second to none.

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