HD 710

HD 710


Construction sites

Hole diameter64 – 102 mm
2,5″ – 4″
Drill rod typeT38 / T45 / T51
Drifter performance21 kW
Drill rod length3660 mm
Drill depth22 m
Engine power160 kW
Flushing air / minute8,5 m³
Weight13.500 kg

The demand for a strong but compact machine for construction industry shaped the HD 710, a remote controlled machine in the 14 ton class.

It’s 160 kW Volvo engine, 315 cfm flushing air and the latest generation 21kW Montabert drifter make it the frontrunner among the remote controlled construction site rock drills. 4 inch hole diameter and 75 foot drill depth make it a suitable partner for smaller quarry works with a limited access as well. Its optionally available tail winch allows drilling operations up to 28° downhill creating the ultimate tool for scenarios where others have to give up.

A 160 kW Volvo engine speaks for itself in terms of reliability and fuel efficiency. A lightweight wireless remote control gives the operator a great comfort and keeps him outside of the danger zone of the machine.

HD 710 in einem Steinbruch
HD 710 in Aktion

Equipped with a two – piece arm the HD 710 reaches more than 6 meter above ground for drilling horizontal in anchoring jobs. A large on board storage space allows to carry plenty of drill accessories with the machine.

The HD 710 illustrates high performance packed in a compact machine.

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